It's a 25km swim...or an opera house

Once a year in late July (just after the ice melts), crazy people from all over the world come to Lake Memphremagog for Kingdom Swim, an open water swimming event that includes the 25km 'Border Buster' swim into Canada and back.  The lake (pronounced mem-freh-MAY-gog) is a 12 mile stretch from Newport, Vermont to Magog, Quebec, with about 4 miles in the United States and 8 miles in Canada.  

Nearby is the town of Derby Line / Stanstead QC, where the border goes right through the middle of town.  The citizens of the town have celebrated their friendship and relative freedom over the centuries, at one point building a beautiful gem of an Opera House where the audience sits in the US and the stage is in Canada, and a lovely public library where the books are shelved in Canada and checked out in the US.

Despite the authorities that make it so much harder to be friendly and cooperative with our neighbors these days, we are grateful that it is easy to import fresh apples and juice across the border so we can make this collaborative cold-climate carefully crafted carbonated cider and use it to toast to friendship, community, good health and good swimming!